My name is Aliko Sunawang, a professional blogger from Indonesia. “Professional blogger” means I make a living from blogging. I have been blogging since I was still in the college in 2009 and gone professional in 2015. There are two blogs I that currently manage: Better Tech Tips and WP Pagebuilders. They are managed under the umbrella of totheweb.

In addition to blogging, I also love to take photos. I bought my first DSLR camera back in 2016. It was a Nikon D3400. I used the camera to further learn photography as I love this field. I love to see how a moment or object being captured from a unique angle. After all, blogging and photography have a correlation between each other. When you write a blog post, you need a photo as an illustration to strengthen your story.

Lowest ISO is a fun project. The main mission of this project is to put together the decent photos I took between 2016 (the first year I own a DSLR camera) until date.

I used to share my shots to Unsplash. But ever since it got acquired by Getty Images, I am not too interested anymore in sharing my shots to the platform. This is another reason why I created Lowest ISO.

When taking photos, I always use the lowest ISO setting when it is possible. That is why I named this project Lowest ISO.

You can download and use all my photos for any purpose, including commercial projects. You don’t even need to give a credit to me although it would be much appreciated 🙂

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